Crescent Head 7’s 2019

The Kempsey Rugby Union Club would like to invite your club to participate in the Crescent Head Rugby Sevens, to be held on Saturday, 2nd February, 2019. The event will be staged as one of the most prestigious rugby sevens tournaments in NSW Country.

Prize Money
  • Men’s Division $6,800 ($5,000 Premier, $1,500 Plate & $300 Bowl)
  • Womens Division – $3000
  • U16’s Division – $600
  • Entry for the Men’s Division is $300, entry for Women’s Division is $250 & entry for the U16’s Boys is $200.
  • Registration cut-off date is January 4th. Only 24 men’s and 12 women’s teams will be accepted. Full payment is required for confirmation of entry. Entries are accepted first in, first served.
  • Withdrawals after 7th January, will not be reimbursed their entry fee.
  • Invitational teams can not be accepted. All teams must be an ARU registered club or ARU recognised organisation.
  • All players must have a current Rugbynet ARU ID number.
  • Teams must have minimum 50% of players registered to the same club.
  • Each team will play a minimum of 3 games.
Payment Details
Pay by Direct Deposit

Please pay deposit by the 10th of January to;
Kempsey Rugby Union Club, BSB: 704 189, A/C: 008763
Please ensure you advise your clubs name with the bank transfer and email the bank receipt to:

Pay by Cheque

Please send your cheque payable to: Kempsey Rugby Union Club and post before the 10th of January, to the below address; Team Spirit Sports – 4/4 Ashton St, Gladstone, NSW, 2440

1. Laws of the Game

Matches will be played under the laws of Rugby Football as framed by the International Rugby Football Board. The laws will be adapted to seven a side rugby as framed by the NSWRU Model Rules. NB Minimum number of players to commence a game is 5 ie 3 players must always contest a scrum and 2 players must contest a lineout.

2. Carnival Format

Mens Open Division

Prize Money

Cup: 1st – $3000, 2nd – $1000, 3rd & 4th – both receive $500
Plate: 1st – $1000, 2nd – $500
Womens Division: 1st – $2000, 2nd – $500, 3rd & 4th – both receive $250

NB The organising committee reserve the right to alter this format depending on the number of teams entered.

3. Registration & Insurance

* All teams must be an ARU registered club, ARU recognised organisation or ARU approved international team. Each team must have at least 50% of the players to be registered with the entering club. Players from other clubs can be brought into a team, but must make up less than 50% of the listed players. This is a new rule to prevent teams becoming too strong for the standard of the carnival and to support club rugby.
* Overseas teams may enter, but must gain approval from the ARU to participate in the carnival.
* All domestic participants (including players and off-field staff) must be currently registered on the ARU Rugbylink system and have a current ARU Rugbylink ID number. All coaches must have as a minimum current Smart Rugby accreditation. There are no junior players allowed to compete in this seniors carnival for both men & women, apart from those with a current approved ARU 2 year window.
* Teams are allowed to register a maximum of 12 players only for the whole day. Only 7 players can take the field at once. If touch judges aren’t supplied, then each team must also provide 1 touch judge. Players are not allowed to reserve or play for other teams during the day, they must only play with the team they originally signed on with. If a player registered with one team, takes the field for another team, this team will be disqualified for the remainder of the carnival. Each team must provide a rugby ball.
* Team managers must send through the Team Sheet including each player & off-field staff, full name & Rugbylink number. The team list must be sent to prior to 12.00 noon on Friday before the big day.
* It is up to each participant to have their own personal insurance to cover their expenses and to compensate them for any injury, disability, workers compensation and long term incapacitating injury. As a minimum this is to equate to the level of cover provided under the ARU Insurance Scheme, for more info please refer to:
* If the participant is from overseas (and not covered with Medicare), it is up to the individual to have some form of insurance that covers medical costs.

4. Points System (Womens pool games only)

Win = 3 points, Draw = 2 points, Loss = 1 point, Forfeit = 0 points.

5. Playing Times

a) All Pool games, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals (including Men’s Cup Final) will all consist of two 7 minutes halves. There is a 1 minute break for half-time for drinks and to swap sides. Games will start every 16 minutes, thus allowing a 1 minute break between games. Please adhere to this strict time schedule to ensure all games can keep on time.
b) All Pool games, Quarter Finals & Semi Finals (not including Finals) each half ends immediately when the siren blows (i.e. there is no injury time, the ball is dead when the siren blows). NB Conversions of tries will only be awarded if it is converted before the siren blows.
c) All Finals only, each half will end at the next stoppage at the referees discretion (not when the siren blows).
d) The time keeper will be sole judge of time. The Organising Committee reserves the right to reduce playing times due to weather conditions or if the carnival is running behind time.
e) The Organising Committee reserves the right to forfeit a team if it is not ready to proceed onto the field 40 seconds of the siren blowing.

6. Sign Ons

The Team Manager must organise his full team to sign on the Team Sheet (emailed to James prior to the carnival) at the Officials Tent next to the clubhouse. The sign on must take place before the teams first game & will also include a photo of the full team. It is not necessary to sign on for other games, however at any stage during the day, the officials may check the players in your team, match the team photo. The Team Manager is the only person to communicate with Officials on behalf of the team.

7. Drawn Matches

a) Drawn Pool, Quarter Final & Semi Final games – there is no extra time, these will be decided according to most tries is the winner, if tries are equal – first try scorer, if no tries – first points, if no points ie 0-0 – flip a coin.
b) Drawn Finals – There will be 3 minutes extra time each way for a drawn Final for all divisions and the game will be decided by “Golden Point” ie first point scorer is the winner. If a draw remains after the extra time, the Final will be decided according to most tries is the winner, if tries are equal – first try scorer, if no tries – first points, if no points ie 0-0 – declared joint winners and prize money split & go and have a beer together.
NB Referee’s must record both first try scorers and also the try tally in case of a drawn game.

8. Drawn Teams in a Pool

If teams are drawn on equal points after all the pool games have been played, the winner will be decided on the best for and against ratio from all pool games played, if this is equal then highest points, if this is equal, flip a coin.

9. Kick Off’s, Penalty Kicks, Conversion Kicks

All kick-offs, penalty kicks and conversion kicks must be taken by a drop kick and completed within 40 seconds of being awarded. Conversions may be taken from behind or in front of the goal posts. The referee shall allow the kicking side a reasonable time to obtain possession of the ball.

10. Games Starting

There will be no lining up of teams in the centre of the field to shake hands until the Finals. The toss involving the Referee and 2 captains of the teams is to occur prior to kick off at the Referees tent in between the 2 fields.

11. Restarts

The scoring team will take the kick off to restart play.

12. Injury Time

There is no time off allowed for injuries. If a serious injury occurs and an ambulance is required the game will be declared finished and the current score will remain.

13. Interchange

a) Teams are able to have un-limited intercharge of reserves during all games including Pool Games, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals. Interchange can only occur when one team scores points. Note that a total of only 7 players can take the field at once, with a maximum of 5 reserves. All reserves from both teams must be within the interchange area near the half way on both fields. A reserve can not take the field until the replaced player has entered the interchange area.
b) Injury Interchange. A player can be replaced due to injury only after the referee has stopped the game. The injured player can not return to the field for the rest of the game, but can play future games.

14. Send Offs, Sin Bins & Blood Bins

Send Offs: Should a player receive a “red card” the player will be sent from the field of play and take no further part in the tournament. The Referee must report the red card offence to the Officials. The offenders place in the registered squad will not be replaced and if the offender tries to play again, the team will be automatically disqualified. A player who receives a Red Card will be referred to their local judiciary committee.
Red Cards require a Send Off Report which will be reported to the players Competition Manager (home competition) for Judicial process.
Sin Bins: Should a player receive a “yellow card” the player must leave the field of play and sit on a designated chair on halfway for 2 minutes and not be replaced during this time. The Referee must report the yellow card offence to the Officials. Should a player receive “3 Yellow Cards” during the course of the tournament he/she will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. The offenders place in the registered squad will not be replaced and if the offender tries to play again, the team will be auotmatically disqualified.
The offending player must wait for the next stoppage and go through the touch judge to go back on the field after the 2 minutes has elapsed.
Yellow Card are accumulative and will be reported to the players Competition Manager (home competition) for Judicial process.
There will be no Judiciary conducted by the Crescent Head Organsing Committee.
Blood Bins: In the event of a player being sent to the “Blood Bin”, he/she will have 5 minutes to return to the field of play. Half time will not be included in the 5 minute period.

15. Code of Conduct

When entering the Crescent Head 7’s, all players, coaches, managers and supporters agree to abide to the Kempsey Rugby Club Code of Conduct. Any breach of this code may result in a person or team being ejected from the grounds without refund.

16. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded immediately after the Men’s Premier Division Final. All perpetual shields must be handed back on the day. Prize money will be posted by cheque made out to the registered rugby club to the address advised when you submit your online entry.

17. Medical

Each team must provide a qualified medical officer. The Tournament Committee will provide 2 Qualified Medical Officers during the course of the tournament that will be stationed in front of the club house or in between the fields. Please ensure that all protocols are followed regarding Serious Injuries.

18. Match Officials & Disputes

The Mid North Coast Rugby Union Referees Association will appoint Match Officials. Any decision by a referee is final and will not be scrutinised. The Organising Committee will adjudicate all disputes and the decisions made will be final.

19. Playing Area

Only players, referees, referee assistants, trainers/medical officers, ball boys are permitted within the roped-off playing area.

20. Tournament Committee

The tournament committee reserves the right to alter the format of the tournament in the event of unusual weather, or any other unexpected circumstances. Any team found to be in breach of the above tournament rules may be disqualified from participation in the tournament. The tournament committee will adjudicate all disputes and the committees decision is final.

Where can we get accommodation?

Most teams book holiday houses for the weekend, which are relatively cheap. You can go to Crescent Head Real Estate to make your arrangements.

Where are the playing fields?

About 2km out of town on Crescent Head Rd, you will see the fields as you drive in.

When will the draw be released?

The draw will be emailed on the Thursday before the carnival.

What time will our first game be?

The carnival kicks off at 8.00am and all teams will play their first game before 10.30am.

Is the carnival 1 or 2 days?

All games & finals are played on 1 day only.

If we win, when do we get our prize money?

The presentations of the winning shields for all divisions will be after the Men’s Premier final. The prize money will go in cheques in the mail, addressed out to your rugby club (from the entry form) during the week after the carnival.

Can I bring alcohol into the ground?

No, the rugby fields are a licensed venue and it is illegal to bring alcohol in. There will be security at the gate to inspect eskies, bags etc. There will be a fully stocked bar and canteen operating all day.

Can we play un-registered players?

No, all players must have a current Rugbynet ARU ID number.

Are the players insured?

Yes, please see the Gower Gates Summary of Cover.
It is recommended that all participants take out private health insurance, salary contingency insurance and life insurance, as required for their individual circumstances; It is recommended that all participants not covered by Medicare (including non-residents of Australia) take out medical insurance covering those costs that would otherwise covered by Medicare.